I’m Erin Torrance. I’m a cat-obsessed fool who’s fallen head over heels for the handmade-with-love movement. I’ve never been overly talented myself when it comes to creating (that family gene seems to have skipped me), but those who create masterpieces with thread, ink, metal, or the like leave me in awe.

I’ve had my struggles in the past, so I’ve set my mind to doing things that make me happy. Et Cetera is my way of immersing myself in things that encourage me to smile, from the people to the products to the cheery faces of those I get to share this world with. Et Cetera is my little corner of happiness that I’m so glad you’ve happened to stumble upon.

Browse the posts and spread the love. Connect with the artists who catch your eye and don’t forget to say you saw them on Et Cetera!


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