Bread and Butter Pottery

Bethany Butterworth; Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

I first came across Bread and Butter Pottery when I hit my first One-of-a-Kind Show in Toronto with my bestie of eons of years (or so it seems). We both fell in love, the tiny little booth that it was. Drawn in by egg and bacon mugs (though mostly the bacon mug), amused by mermen and mermaid mugs, and finally being sold by cat mugs, I have to say I feel like Bethany Butterworth, the creative genius behind the cheeky, quirky, and smile-inducing pottery, just gets me. (Better yet, the mug I chose had an illustrated kitty that closely resembled my personal obsession, my cat Bea—who inspired the little ears in the Et Cetera header!)

Since then, I’ve found good homes for even more Bread and Butter mugs and I only foresee even more purchases in my near future (new designs are emerging and the classics are forever faves). Better yet, when I first decided to get matching merpeople mugs for my boyfriend’s parents, I found a stockist in Toronto that’s now become quite possibly one of my favourite stores ever. (I’m talking about Scout in Toronto!)

I’ve had a lot of down days and just plain old sick or grumpy days; when I do, a cup of tea in my beloved Bread and Butter kitty mug always helps. My mug has brought me so many smiles, and Bethany Butterworth gets all the credit for that. Seriously, THANK YOU for bringing this kitty-lovin’ mug into my life.

Purchase information: Visit Bread and Butter Pottery’s website for more information, a list of stockists, or to contact Bethany.

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