Maja Rolc Majeric and team; Ljubiljana, Slovenia

Every girl thinks about her ideal engagement ring. There are the classics: princess solitaire, cushion-cut three-stone, the signature Tiffany Setting. And then there are the stunning, simple, and unique designs of MinimalVS—a style that stands out without overwhelming. Their basic shapes and designs bring out beauty in simplicity.

I’m always browsing Etsy for new designers and creative minds. When I browsed the site for the very first time, I was swallowed up by MinimalVS. I couldn’t stop clicking from product to product, creating a mental wish list, when I finally made it to the engagement rings and wedding sets. I thought I had an idea of my ideal ring before—nope! (Though I definitely have a better idea now.)

Owner and designer Maja Rolc Majeric and her team of talented creatives and customer support professionals hail from Slovenia. Each ring is a labour of love and an absolute team effort. Their goal: to make all their customers happier and prettier. Their superstar ability: to truly bring out richness, elegance, and purity through minimalism. All diamonds used are all-natural and conflict-free.

Ladies, grab a glass of wine and swoon over these beauties. (Then pass the link along to the mister.)

Purchasing information: You can browse the MinimalVS Etsy shop, which features engagement rings, wedding sets, and modern jewellery for everyday wear. MinimalVS accepts custom orders; please contact them via Etsy before purchase.

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