Salvage Ink

Shannon Smith; Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I first came across Salvage Ink in the Etsy district at the One-of-a-Kind Spring Show in Toronto. When I learned about the inspiration behind the hand screenprinted patterns, I fell in love.

Salvage Ink is all about everyday lines and images, the simplification of common objects or sights into lines and recurring patterns, and the translation of the urban and industrial into something more natural. The manhole-inspired leaf pattern is a perfect example of the latter. Her bird patterns are a slight reversal of this, the focus being more on the lines and patterns than the flocks. Finally, Shannon’s diamond pattern is an example of how she takes an industrial antique to create a blockprint with a cast-iron original, leading to a raw, texturized look. This is the idea behind the name Salvage Ink.

My personal interpretation: There are times when cities have their eyesores or there are those little everyday elements in nature that we tend to overlook—those common objects and natural elements. Shannon’s works present these overlooked and forgotten features in a simple, minimalistic way that breaks them down into their basic forms, forcing us to see worn, salvaged items and nature in a new, inspiring way.

Shannon applies her contemporary designs to napkins, dish towels, and pillows, all made of eco-friendly organic and hemp fabrics whenever possible and water-based, non-toxic inks.

Purchase information: Find Shannon’s Salvage Ink creations on Etsy.

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